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We appreciate the trust you place in us and want to inform you about how we are addressing the unprecedented COVID-19 situation.  We are closely monitoring events in our local community and are continuously updating our policies and protocols as a result of new information.

Please know that our office is following all recommended guidance from public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene, infection control, and professional team health. Our highest priority is to keep all of our patients and staff as safe as possible.

In addition, we are going above and beyond the current recommendations by incorporating top-of-the-line DuraMax Extraoral Suction Systems in every dental treatment room, to effectively remove contaminants produced during dental procedures including droplets, aerosols, blood, dust, and viruses through a 4 layer filtration system including HEPA (0.3 µm 99.97%) filtration plus germicidal UV-C Light.



What steps are we taking to protect our staff and patients?

1)  Asking screening questions and measuring every patient's body temperature with a touch-free infrared thermometer.

2)  Frequent hand washing with antiseptic soap, and having hand sanitizers available throughout the office for staff and patient use.

3)  Staff are all utilizing universal barrier precautions and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, gowns, masks, face shields, etc.

4)  All patients will begin each appointment with the use of pre-procedural antiseptic mouthrinses.

5)  Utilization of multiple forms of continuous suction to minimize the spread of aerosols, such as the DryShield intraoral evacuation, DuraMax extraoral evacuation, and high volume evacuation (HVE) suction.

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